Corporate and Social Responsibility

Meehan Drilling is committed to creating business growth whilst ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimised.

As we are in the water drilling industry, we take our responsibilities to this valuable natural resource very seriously.  We work to ensure that our business activities comply with all applicable environmental standards and regulations.

Meehan Drilling provides a safe, fair and stimulating working environment and encourages employees to make a meaningful contribution to the overall performance of the company.  We have a comprehensive and extensive training and development program for employees at all levels.  Therefore we can ensure that all activities are conducted by well-trained and qualified employees.


Health & Safety
Meehan Drilling continually strives to improve the standard of Health & Safety within the organisation and has implement the OHSAS 18000 (International Occupational Health and Safety Management System).  The Health and Safety of our employees and customers is paramount and therefore we operate within strict guidelines.  To that end, we use the services of a Health & Safety Consultant to ensure that we are constantly up-to-date with our policies and procedures.