Our People

  • Mark Meehan
  • Managing Director

Mark is a Director of Meehan Drilling and holds a BSc in Computer Applications and has been actively involved in the company since 2004. 

He is responsible for the Financial Management, Pump Installation, Pump Testing, Water Treatment and Pipe Jacking within Meehan Drilling. With more than five years experience operating water well rigs, Mark has drilled a large number of domestic  water wells throughout both Northern and Southern Ireland. Mark carried out the first Pipe Jacking contract and helped with wire line control during several large directional drilling projects.



    - Liaison with auditors, banks and other companies on behalf of the company

    - In-charge of daily accounting and controllling

    - Preparation of the financial accounts including the balance sheet

    - Preparation of Revenue Returns

    - Analysis of the trial balance and reconciliation

    - Controlling the budget

    - Strategic planning and budgeting

    - Negotiating with banks and financial institutions

    - Puchasing

    - Staff payroll

    - Management of pump installation division


    - Implementation of the revised accounting standards

    - Setup of pump installation division

    - Setup of pipe jacking division

    - Website development


    - In the process of implementing various quality control systems within Meehan Drilling

    - Involved in the setup of the oil & gas division

    - Research into business expansion to Eastern Europe & Middle East

    - Setup of online shop for water pump and treatment products

    - Implementation of electronic stock control system


Find Mark on LinkedIn: Mark Meehan