Horizontal Directional Drilling 3

Lagan - Deny

Client: Bord Gais
Location: Moira, Co. Down

Application: Main North/South Gas pipeline

Job Description:

Meehan Drilling was awarded the contract to install 270m of 450mm heavy wall steel tube under the M1 Motorway. A wireline location system was used to drill to the pilot bore and a 3 ½ “ mudmotor and a 4 ¾ “ mill tooth tri-cone bit. A mud return line was installed to allow the return of drill cuttings to the recycling system from the pipe side. Hole opening was completed using tri and four cone bits with tci cutters. Finish diameter was 711 mm. 

Equipment Used:

Rig 7 EGT, American Auger Mud Recycling Unit

Drilling Methods: Horizontal Directional Drilling
Ground Conditions: Mudstone and Sandstone