Horizontal Directional Drilling 4

Essex & Suffolk Water

Location: Hullbridge, London

Application: Installation of a watermain under the River Crouch

Job Description:

Meehan Drilling was contracted to install 190m of 450mm waterman beneath the River Crouch in swelling London Clays. Due to the nature of the formation, a geotechnical investigation was carried out. The information was then used to establish the correct drilling fluids required to prohibit the clays from swelling. 

The pilot bore was completed using a jetting assembly and a walkover location system on low tide.  Reaming was then completed using aggressive fly cutters - ideal for sticky clays. The finished diameter was 650mm.  An additional drilling rig was located on the opposite side of the river to pull the pipe. This project was completed in less than 4 days due to constraints on the client. 

Equipment Used:

Rig 7 EGT, American Auger Mud Recycling Unit

Drilling Methods: Horizontal Directional Drilling. Clay inhibitors, soaps, & suspension agents
Ground Conditions: Swelling London Clays