Drill Site Construction 1

Client: Greenpark Energy Limited
Location: Bawtry, Yorkshire

Application: Oil and Gas site preparation.
Geology: Sand

Job Description:

Meehan Drilling were contracted by Greenpark Energy Limited to carry out full site preparation for two CBM drill sites just south of Doncaster. With our experience with site preparation and utilities we were able to offer a complete service from green field right up to the drilling stage. This is one more element of the added value service we offer to clients in the Oil and Gas sector.

With our experienced operators we stripped the top soil from the site, laid down Geogrid and Geomembrane to ensure that the site fully complies with all planning requirements. We also installed the drilling cellar with concrete enclosure. 200mm of crushed stone was then installed, compacted and rolled.

We also installed 365m of running road to ensure the weather did not impede access to the site.

Meehan Drilling then installed conductor casing on both sites and drilled down to 550m to retrieve core samples of the underlying coal seams.

Once all works are complete we will also reinstate the sites back to their original condition.

Equipment Used:

20t tracked excavtor, JCB All Terrain Digger, 6t Site dumper & Site Roller

Ground Conditions: Sand