Wadi 1 - Electronic water prospecting

Client: Poultry Farmer
Location: Hamiltonsbawn, Co Armagh

Application: To ascertain the best location of a potential Groundwater Borehole
Geology: Greywacke Sandstone

Job Description:

We drilled a borehole to 200m near poultry houses, however it only yielded 90L per hour. We then carried out Electronic VLF survey in a field approximately 200m from original borehole. The readings from the survey looked very promising and the client gave the go ahead to drill a second borehole to a depth of 150m. This borehole yielded 18m³ per hour.  Please note that it was not possible to carry out an Electronic survey on the original borehole location because of the presence of overhead power lines

Equipment Used:

VLF Wadi Groundwater Surveying Equipment