Wadi 2 - Electronic water prospecting

Client: Dairy Farmer
Location: Dromore, Co. Down

Application: To ascertain the best location of a potential Groundwater Borehole
Geology: Greywacke Sandstone

Job Description:

We drilled 2 no. boreholes near farm buildings - they only yielded 1.1m³ per hour. We then carried out Electronic VLF survey in a field approx 350m from original borehole on a higher elevation to that of the existing boreholes. Readings looked positive but we felt that fractures in the rock were nearly vertical and deep. We drilled to 170m and borehole yielded 9.2m³per hour. Please note that it was not possible to carry out Electronic surveys on the original borehole locations because of the presence of overhead power lines and underground services

Equipment Used:

VLF Wadi Groundwater Surveying Equipment