Leachate Abstraction Well

Landfill Site

Location: Balbriggan, County Fingal

Application: Drill into an active landfill site to extract leachate for processing for Murphy Environmental

Job Description:

Meehan Drilling were awarded this contract after several other drilling contactors failed as they were using conventional drilling methodologies. Using an out Dual Rotary rig, we installed a temporary string of casing to 30 meters deep. We then installed 30 metres of 315mm slotted polyethylene pipe. The temporary steel was then removed to allow the leachate to flow into the polyethylene pipe.

Equipment Used:

Rig 1 DR24, Volvo FM9 8x4 Flatbed with Long reach Crane

Drilling Methods: Dual Rotary with down the hole hammer
Ground Conditions: Boulder Clays