Commercial Geothermal 1

Client: Vistakon (Sisk)
Location: Limerick City

Application: Open Loop geothermal to provide cooling in the manufacturing of contact lenses

Job Description:

Meehan Drilling was awarded the highly competitive contract to drill 3 x  375mm boreholes drilled to 50 metres through dolomitised limestones.  A  280mm slotted screen with pre-coated gravel was installed and the 406mm  steel casing removed.  The annulas was filled with grout.

Equipment Used:

Rig 1 DR24, Volvo FM9 8x4 Flatbed with Long reach Crane

Drilling Methods: Dual Rotary Drilling
Ground Conditions: Boulder Clays, Dolomitise Limestones and solid/weathered limestones