Water Well Drilling - Power Station

Client: John Sisk & Son

Application: Commercial Water Supply
Geology: Overburden/Gravel

Job Description:

Meehan Drilling undertook a water well drilling project at the new waste incinerator built in the Ferrybridge power station in West Yorkshire. The power station is being built at a cost of £300m and will produce 60-80 mega watts of power. 

Meehan drilling were contracted to drill 2 no. 508mm large diameter water wells to a depth of 30mts. The formation was extremely loose however it had a high water yield. Our DR-24 dual rotary drilling rig was used to carry out the works due to the tight access to site, limited space to set up, restricted time frame to carry out the project and difficult formation. The dual rotary method was ideal for this project  as it maintains well integrity at all times as the casing advances with the drill head therefore very low risk of a down hole collapse. When the drilling was completed a slotted liner was run in hole using the DR24. A gravel pack was then installed around the liner to act as a filter. Both wells had an approximate yield of 30-50 liters per second. The project took a total of 6 days to complete working on a 10 hour day shift. 

Equipment Used:

MDL Rig 24 - Dual Rotary Rig

Volvo Support Truck


Mini Digger 

Drilling Methods: Dual Rotary
Ground Conditions: Loose unstable formation