Oil and Gas Division

Meehan Drilling offer an extended service for the onshore Oil and Gas industry including site preparation, setting conductor casing, drilling and site reinstatement.

We have carried out such works at many locations throughout the UK and offer a seamless and competitive service.

Oil and Gas Drilling

Meehan Drilling have recently added a Schramm TXD drilling rig to its fleet. This is a 100T top head drive machine with an automated rod/pipe handling system. The rig is fully certified for operation in the UK with a blast proof dog house. The rig reduces end costs by having a short mobilisation  time and greatly increased speed of operation. Meehan Drilling are now capable of drilling up to depths of 3,000 meters (10,000ft).


Conductor Installation

Meehan Drilling specialise in setting conductor casings for onshore oil and gas wells. We have gained extensive experience from working with a diverse range of ground conditions. Our Dual Rotary rig excels in drilling difficult ground conditions and minimises the risk of washing out or undermining rigs. We attach our Data Sheet and a safety alert which highlights the safety benefits of setting conductor casing with the Dual Rotary Rig. This could represent significant cost and time-savings over conventional drilling methodologies.

Elmar Double Drum Unit

Wireline Services

We currently operate a compact, EX-rated NOV Elmar double-drum unit capable of handling slick line, mono conductor and fishing line for well intervention and measuring operations. We also provide a rapid response and crane services for wireline operations. 

Workover Services

We currently operate two rigs capable of carrying out workover operations, able to carry out repairs, maintenance and abandonments on oil and gas wells. We’re also experienced in working over salt caverns. For these operations we can operate to depths up to 10,000ft. 

Cementing Services

We carry out well grouting using a custom-built unit capable of pumping 30 gallons per minute at 500psi. The unit is accompanied by an auger feed sand hopper, trimmie pipe reel, loop reel and hydraulic power pack. The grout can be a combination of standard Portland cement, bentonite powder, rapid hardener and water. Boreholes can be grouted via a tremmie in the well annulus, cement head and bump plugs or via the cement shoe and cement string technique. We carry out pipeline grouting using the tremmie pipe method. 

Site Preparation

Meehan Drilling have the experience and expertise to carry out all site preparation. We have extensive experience from soil stripping, construction of running roads, traffic management and reinstatement.