Specialist Services

Along with Water, Oil & Gas and Directional drilling, Meehan Drilling also provides a number of specialist services

Site Investigation

Meehan Drilling offers a fully integrated ground investigation and geotechnical design service. We provide guidance and management of the investigation process through all phases of study, ground investigation and testing.

Meehan Drilling provides:

  • Groundwater and aquifer resource survey
  • Aquifer testing and yield analysis
  • Packer testing of boreholes
  • Ground water quality management
  • Investigation and remediation of polluted groundwater
  • Site investigation
  • Aquifer recharge
  • Geophysical surveys of boreholes
  • CCTV surveys of boreholes
  • Hydrofracturing now yielding water wells.

If you wish to discuss what’s involved in this process, our technical department will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Leachate Abstraction wells

Often in Landfill sites there is a requirement to drill down into the landfill cell to extract leachate. Meehan Drilling have the experience and technical capabilities to successfully carry out such projects. Using our Dual Rotary Rig, we can temporarily install temporary steel casings into the cell and once the product pipe is in place the temporary casing can easily be removed.

Foundation Piling

We provide piling for harbour/pier construction, bridge supports, dam construction and rehabilitation, tie-back holes, secant piles and rock sockets. Our Foremost DR24 rig excels in heaving, water-bearing formations where the potential for borehole collapse exist.

The rig can penetrate where piling hammers and augers fail – which is especially important when bridge supports must be drilled beyond the overburden and seated into bedrock. It can seat casing into bedrock without fracturing the surrounding formation. The independent top-drive allows the drill string to advance ahead of the casing to create a deep rock socket. 

Ground De-Watering & Ventilation

We offer a range of de-watering methods such as deep well, well point, ejector well and horizontal wells, and have a broad range of drilling equipment allowing installation of dewatering wells in any formation, natural or made up-ground. We also stock pumps, pipework, flow meters, v-notch tanks and power cables to meet all dewatering operations. 

Equipment Hire

From mud and water pumps to settlement tanks, drill tooling and drilling rigs, and everything in between, we have the equipment and the expertise to deliver.