Water Division

Meehan Drilling has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and specialised machinery.

This coupled with our expertise and technical skill ensures that we can provide clients with a professional and speedy service.  We have extensive experience of drilling in all types of ground conditions.  We offer specialist water well drilling services to clients in three market sectors: 

Feasibility Assessment

A feasibility assessment will aim to identify the viability of abstracting groundwater for potable use. We use site-specific information to develop an understanding of an annual water demand as well as possible peaks and troughs, e,g. daytime vs. night-time use. Where possible, water bills and meter data will also be reviewed in order to help provide a fuller understanding of site requirements. We’ll produce a detailed, independent report into the feasibility of groundwater abstraction at the site, plus any associated risks and costs.

Wadi Survey

Good drinking water can be obtained from hard rock. But drilling without previous site investigation, seldom yields water in useful quantities. Effective water development programs must include carefully conducted geological and geophysical investigations.

WADI finds structures where useful quantities of underground water may be trapped in rock fractures and cavities, thus enabling drillers to select the most promising sites for their wells.

If you wish to discuss what’s involved in carrying out an electronic survey, our technical department will be happy to arrange a site visit.

Commercial Well Drilling

Meehan Drilling provides a number of water well drilling services to the commercial sector including:

  • Hydrogeological Consultancy Services
  • Commercial Water Supplies
  • Irrigation Schemes
  • Design & Construction of Complete Water Schemes.
  • Drilling from 150mm(6") - 762mm(30") in all ground conditions
  • Yield Testing
  • Pump Installation
  • Water testing


Agricultural Well Drilling

Water prices can be exceptionally high especially in commercial sectors such as Dairy Farming. As an example, a farm with 100 cows can incur an annual water charge of between €7,000 - €8,000 !  Meehan Drilling provides Farm Water Supplies to the agricultural market and often the return of investment can be gleaned within two years!  We also offer cost effective irrigation schemes.

For further information on how you can substantially reduce your farm’s water bill, you can email us from the Contact us section of the website.

Domestic Well Drilling

If you are building a house and need a well drilled, Meehan Drilling can provide the solution. We discuss your requirements and ascertain the optimum location for your well. Over the past 37 years, we have worked with 1000s of residential clients throughout Ireland and have built a reputation for a professional, clean and quality service.

We would be happy to discuss your water requirements and offer a no obilgation free site visit.

Contact us on +353 (0) 42 9372220

Pump Testing

In order to determine the volume that can be pumped from a well, the well is pumped at a controlled flow rate, drawdown is measured in one or more surrounding monitoring wells. The test data is used to estimate the hydraulic properties of aquifers evaluate well performance and identify aquifer boundaries. Our pumping tests include constant rate tests, step tests and recovery tests.

Water samples will be collected during the test in line with drinking water and groundwater regulations. An independent laboratory will analyse the chemical and microbiological parameters, and issue a full report. 

Pump Installation & Service

Meehan Drilling Ltd offers a full line of quality submersible pumps and pressure tanks. Once the drilling of your water borehole is complete, our Pump Installation Department can recommend the most appropriate system for you. Our pump range covers borehole, booster, surface and waste water uses.

We also offer full maintenance service contracts, plus we carry a full stock of spares to ensure 24hr, 365 day operation.

Water Treatment

It is important that the water is safe for consumption and the intended use, so we offer a full range of solutions to most water problems, including water softeners, pH correction, odour removal, bacteria removal and sediment/colour filtration.

Borehole CCTV Survey

At Meehan Drilling we can now provide a full CCTV survey of your borehole using our brand new R-Cam 1000 XS, which is a portable dual-view borehole camera system with an automated control for either down hole or side view video profile. The side view lens includes a 360 degree rotation with NO external moving parts and is effective on borehole widths of 3-12inch diameters to depths of up to 1000ft. If you are having any issues or have questions on the condition of an existing borehole this is your answer.


Grouting Services

We carry out borehole and pipeline duct grouting using a custom-built Geo loop unit capable of pumping 30 gallons per minute at 500psi. The unit is accompanied by an auger feed sand hopper, trimmie pipe reel, loop reel and hydraulic power pack. The grout can be a combination of standard Portland cement, bentonite powder, rapid hardener and water. Boreholes can be grouted via a tremmie in the well annulus, cement head and bump plugs or via the cement shoe and cement string technique. We carry out pipeline grouting using the tremmie pipe method. 


When a well is drilled in low porous rock, it sometimes turns out to be dry or there is very little water to be found.  However, this doesn’t mean that the rock is not water bearing.

Water in hard rock is generally located in cracks and fractures originating from the natural geological processes.  These cracks are usually a very good water source. The problem is being lucky enough to drill the actual well into suitable water bearing fracture zone.  So today Hydrofracturing has been introduced as an add-on in Water Well Drilling industry. 

The objective is that rather than abandoning a semi-dry, expensively drilled water well, we create a man-made conductive fracture by pumping water under extreme pressures into the well under controlled and safe conditions.

When the limit is reached where the rock can no longer accept the rate of injected water and pressure, new channels are formed. These new flow channels are the fractures. As the injection ceases, broken particles of rock which were released when creating the new fracture, hold open the new fracture zone and allow water to flow to the borehole.

Borehole Refurbishment

We deliver a wide range of borehole refurbishment services, including pre- and post-CCTV surveys and water sampling; mechanical scrubbing, milling and replacement of well liners; organic chemical treatment to remove mineral build-up and air development to remove turbidity/sediment. We also provide refurbishment services for all down-hole equipment –submersible pumps, run-dry systems, pump raisers, clamping systems and probes. 

Well Abandonment & Decommissioning

Boreholes and wells are constructed for a variety of purposes – water supply, de-watering excavations, collecting geological information, sampling soils and groundwater and, increasingly, for geothermal energy production. But improperly abandoned sites can threaten groundwater resources for other users. We are highly experienced in ensuring that redundant boreholes and wells are made safe and structurally stable, and backfilled or sealed to prevent groundwater pollution and flow of water between different aquifer units.